Carlinkit Android 13 FAQ

Here are the frequently asked questions specifically related to using Carlinkit devices with Android 13:

1. Is Carlinkit compatible with Android 13?

Yes, Carlinkit devices, including A2A, are designed to be compatible with Android 13. However, it’s always recommended to check for the latest firmware updates for optimal compatibility.

2. How do I set up Carlinkit with Android 13?

  1. Plug in the Device: Insert the Carlinkit adapter into your car’s USB port.
  2. Install the App: Download the “AutoKit” or “Carlinkit” app from the Google Play Store.
  3. Connect to Wi-Fi: Connect your Android 13 phone to the Carlinkit adapter’s Wi-Fi network.
  4. Open the App: Open the app and follow the instructions to pair your phone with the Carlinkit device.
  5. Complete Setup: Follow the prompts on your car’s infotainment system to finalize the connection.

3. Are there any known issues with Android 13?

While Carlinkit aims for compatibility, some users might experience occasional connectivity issues or bugs due to differences in updates. Ensure both your Android 13 OS and Carlinkit firmware are updated to the latest versions.

4. How do I update the firmware on Carlinkit?

  1. Connect to Wi-Fi: Connect your smartphone to the Carlinkit adapter’s Wi-Fi network.
  2. Access Firmware Update: Open a web browser on your phone and go to
  3. Check for Updates: Navigate to the firmware update section and check for available updates.
  4. Update: Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the latest firmware.

5. What should I do if the connection is unstable on Android 13?

  • Ensure your Android 13 phone’s operating system is up to date.
  • Check for and install the latest Carlinkit firmware updates.
  • Restart your car’s infotainment system and your smartphone.
  • Remove any other connected Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices that might cause interference.

6. How do I resolve “device not detected” issues in Android 13?

  • Ensure that your phone is properly connected to the Carlinkit Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the AutoKit or Carlinkit app and make sure all settings are correctly configured.
  • Try using a different USB port or cable if possible.
  • Restart both your phone and your car’s infotainment system.

7. How do I reset the Carlinkit adapter?

  1. Locate the Reset Button: Most Carlinkit models have a reset button.
  2. Press and Hold: Press and hold the reset button for about 5 seconds to reset the device.
  3. Reconnect Devices: After resetting, reconnect your phone by following the setup instructions.

8. How do I switch between CarPlay and Android Auto on Android 13?

The Carlinkit adapter automatically detects whether an Android or iOS device is connected and switches between CarPlay and Android Auto accordingly. Simply ensure your Android device is connected to the adapter.

9. Are there Carlinkit-specific settings in Android 13?

No specific Carlinkit settings exist within Android 13. However, ensure that both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled and that permissions for the AutoKit or Carlinkit app are granted.

10. Where can I find more support for Carlinkit with Android 13?

You can refer to the Carlinkit official FAQ page or reach out to Carlinkit customer support through their website or via email for detailed guidance.

11. How can I provide feedback or report bugs?

Contact Carlinkit customer support via their official website or the app store where you downloaded the AutoKit or Carlinkit app. Provide detailed information about the issue for faster resolution.

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